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Be Humble- Essay #Gandhiji

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Once I had a friend named Sam.


He was very humble and modest. However, I must admit that at that time, I  was a big show off and boasted about the many milestones I had achieved.


Once Sam and I were going for a walk. He suddenly stopped and gave a beggar half the money that we were going to use to get ice-cream. I was astonished!


I asked him why he gave his money? But he did not reply.


A few weeks later, we had a friends gathering. I was about to tell everyone  about Sam’s deed, but he stopped me. I was quite surprised!


At the end of the gathering, I asked Sam why he stopped me from talking  about him. Sam said, “If you tell everyone, they will think that I am boastful, but I do not want them to think that. I want to be a good person and also humble.” Then he left, with a soft smile.


I realized my own behaviour was often boastful. Since then I try to be a humble person.


Like Gandhi Ji always said, “Be humble.”


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