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#SaraReads: Poem- Are we living like our ancestors?

There are the lonely trees and the empty roads
There are birds flying all over the vacant schools.
There are people in their homes but none in the abandoned
shopping malls
All of us are staying at home and remembering the days of
the past.

Covid-19 has taught us to not move out of our houses
And to stay away from each other.
But, the most important lessons of this epidemic
Is to teach us about how our ancestors survived
And to spend more time with our family.

In the past, our ancestors used to sit away in their caves
And light fires and entertain themselves by dancing.
The situation now is not that different,
We get to stay at home and learn about
How our ancestors used to stay in isolation.

On a normal day, we are out of our house
Attending classes, hanging out with friends or eating out.
Now, we get to spend more time with our family
Playing games with them and talking with them.
This would not have happened until an epidemic had struck.

However, there is a change, brought about by COVID-19 which
very few have realized
The skies are clearer and more blue,
The grass is greener and natural water is purer.
There are more birds in the blue sky and more animals roam
the planet,
People are staying at home and so no one is
Harming the environment and poaching animals.

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