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Pulkit Anand

12 Years

53 Years

Lotus Valley International School


Animal Olympics – Who won Gold? | Story by 12 year old from Noida

12 year old Pulkit Anand from Noida shares a story about friendship and  sacrifice in a fiercely competitive world, in an amazingly creative setting. Pulkit is a student of Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Read with Sara Animal Olympics story for kids by kids Bookosmia

“Hurrah!! ” screamed Moo Mayor as the finalists of the Animal Olympics were  about to cross the finish line.

Animal Olympics was a gala sporting event and all animals loved to participate in it. Spotty and Berny came second. It was a tie.

“This is not fair,” cribbed Berny. Berny was a happy go lucky yet smart zebra.

Spotty was a smart, grumpy yet kind giraffe with a plan always in mind. Both  of them were fiercely competitive.

One year later
It was a warm sunny day and time for the Animal Olympics yet again. Day and  night Berny and Spotty had been practicing, doing pushups and sweating it  out.

Their aim was not to just win this time but to defeat each other. The race was  about to begin.

Spotty stretched his long neck – crackle crack it went.

Berny was on his mark.

The referee was about to shoot his noisy air gun in the sky. They were familiar  with the drill.

Berny was a really sore loser. He was still cross about last year’s tie.


But no…. this sounded different… like a hunters rifle!

Suddenly Po the Panda said, “Look someone spilled red Kool-Aid.”

Spotty and Berny looked at the floor confused. Foxy the Fox was bleeding in agony as his leg was shot.

“What happened?” asked everyone.

“There is a hunter in the jungle!!” screamed Foxy in pain. “Beware everyone!!”

Everyone was scared for their life.


Berny and Spotty got into an argument. Sadly, both thought it was the other who had sabotaged the race because he was too cowardly to compete.

They got so stuck in their conversation that they forgot about the hunter and the danger that lingered on them.


In the meantime all animals of the jungle had crossed the fence to move to a safe zone -a secret cave where all the animals took shelter when the jungle
was in danger.

All except Berny and Spotty.  Suddenly they realized and rushed towards the fence, but the gate of the fence was closed.

“Oh my God,” screamed Berny. “What are we to do?”

“Don’t worry, We will figure something out” consoled Spotty.

“It’s an electric fence!! We will get an electric shock if we go anywhere close to
it,” cried Berny. “And it’s so high that we can’t even dream of jumping over it.”

Both Spotty and Berny realized they were stuck.

Spotty asked Berny to hop onto his back and check if he could see the hunter anywhere around. Berny quickly obliged.

And then unexpectedly, without any warning he swayed his long slender neck
hard and flung Berny to the other side of the fence.

Berny fell down with a loud thud.

As he got up on his feet he realized what Spotty had done. They both looked at each other.

Spotty yelled “Run Berny, run and don’t look back.” Within seconds Berny was  gone with the wind.

And Spotty was left all alone in the jungle.

It was just a matter of time before the hunter would come and get him. But Spotty was happy that he had saved Berny’s life.

All the animals were both happy and surprised to see Berny in the safe zone.


Berny sobbed uncontrollably as he narrated the story of Spotty’s heroism.

“We must do something!!! We can’t let Spotty die!” panicked Berny.

And as he ran around the cave frantically, he saw a shovel. He grabbed the  shovel and started digging. He dug and he dug …

“Let’s save Spotty,” cheered the animals in the cave as they all joined Berny. And as they all dug together they quickly created a tunnel underneath the
fence and reached the other side.


Berny peeped out of the tunnel and saw the hunter standing face to face with
the giraffe.

He rushed out and threw the shovel at the hunter. The hunter fell unconscious.

Berny and Spotty became friends.

Moo Mayor gave them both a Nobel Prize for saving the animal kingdom and
rescuing from the hunter.


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