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Aryan Pandey

12 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


Anger And Love – The Yin And Yang Of Life | Bookosmia

Anger and Love - The Yin And Yang of life



Anger and love have always been seen,

But together they aren’t mean.


Be it a father, be it a mother.

Be it a brother, be it a sister.


Anger in love has always been there,

What arbitrates is affection and care.


Treat your anger in love with utmost warmth and care,

For it means someone’s there.


When loved ones admonish you,

You think they intentionally broke your heart.


But this is never the case,

There’s more agony inside their heart


Than visible on the face.

Anger and love will always go hand in hand,

They can’t be separated even by a magical wand.


Anger and Love - The Yin And Yang of life



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