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Alexa and Katie on Netflix| Review by Rudram,12,Surat

Which is your favourite tv series? 12-year-old Rudram from Surat talks about his, in this review-Alexa and Katie on Netflix.

Alexa and Katie Netflix Review by kids Bookosmia

My favourite TV series is Alexa and Katie. This show is on Netflix and is about Alexa, girl with cancer who tries to live a normal life as a high school student.

A girl named Gwenny tries to make her life miserable. But she finds support in her best friend, Katie. They both share their best moments with each other. Alexa‘s dad is a pilot and mom is an event planner. She also has a big brother who is kind and likes to help people.

Katie‘s mom is a single parent and works in HR. Her little brother, Jack is a trouble maker.

During the first season, Alexa is not allowed to play sports or do extracurricular activities. Many interesting events happen in this season.

This show first came out in 2018 and has four seasons.

I love the series and have watched it more than five times. It is so inspiring and has taught me to never give up.

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