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Kavya Singal

6 Years

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The Heritage school


The Flying Mat| Fantasy story by Kavya,8,Kolkata

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The Flying mat : Fantasy story
Once upon a time in a village, there lived a couple in a shabby hut. They had five daughters — Tina, Mina, Lily, Daisy and Kate. Each of the daughters had different talents and their mother loved them very much but she did not think much of her youngest daughter.
Kate was polite and religious. As her sisters all went to work, she was made to do all the chores. Her father did not like this but he was helpless.
One day, her mother asked her to go to the forest and earn money for the family. Kate agreed and went. She walked far but couldn’t see anyone. At last, she was tired and found a mat. As soon as she sat on it, the mat started flying!
She screamed and held on to the edges of the mat tightly as it took her high in the sky. Suddenly, she spread her arms and realised she had got fairy wings! The mat soon vanished but she was still flying thanks to her wings.
From afar she saw a big castle. She landed inside the lawns. When she entered the castle, she found it empty. Then she went to a room and saw that it was full of gold coins and rubies. She then began to live in the castle.
Thanks to the flying mat, she could live her best life by being happy and bringing happiness to everyone around.

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  1. Beautifully written. It includes words like edges, chores which helps kids to learn new words. Good keep going

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