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Adventure At Candy World | Bookosmia

Adventure at candy world
It was night time and I was sleeping. Suddenly, I could smell something nice. I was in a world of candy!
There were strawberry bears, marshmallow houses, chocolate rivers, bubble gum trees and even cotton candy grass!
Adventure at candy world
I met a Rainbow Barbie. She gave me a candy necklace and then took me for a walk. After the walk, I realized that my necklace was gone. I was really sad. Barbie gave me another candy necklace. I was happy again.
After sometime, I met a unicorn!
The unicorn was a friend of Barbie.  I was tired and hungry so the unicorn gave me some chocolates to eat and a marshmallow house to rest. Then I realized I was sleeping for one hour and the unicorn and the Rainbow Barbie were waiting outside! I quickly woke up and went outside.
Adventure at candy world
Afterwards, we went to the chocolate river and I drank some of it too. It was too tasty. Then we tasted the bubble gum trees and cotton candy grass. It was such a lovely night!


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