Manak Singh Gujral

7 Years

Wisdom High International School


A Trip To Space | Story by Manak,7, Nashik

Let’s go to space with our friend 7-year-old Manak from Nashik, in this cute story.

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One day my friends Gurneesh, Jaiveer, Ahaan Utkarsh and I were planning to go to space. Everybody agreed except Utkarsh then all my friends tried to convince him and after some time, he agreed. 


He said, “I will only come if I don’t have to get out of the space capsule.” 


We all got into the rocket and started the countdown


9 test done

8 fasten your seat belts

7 engage rocket

6 check fuel levels

5 boost 

4 engage thrusters

3 say goodbye

2 off the brakes

1 blast off! 


We zoomed into space. We were planning to go to all the planets in the solar system First up, Mercury, where we planned to stay for two days. I had taken lots of flags of India along so decided to put one there. Since the ice caps on Mercury are made up of acid not water it was very cold there and we couldn’t manage so we decided to leave. 


Next stop was Venus. We jumped up and down since there was nothing to do there. We tried to swim there and then we put up a flag of India. Next stop was Earth so we decided to skip it and move to Mars. We put our flag there too.  We were tired so we slept for some time. 


When we woke up, we were all charged up and ready to go to our next destination, Jupiter. While we were exploring the planet, one of my friends, Ahaan, fell in a crater.  Since we all were good runners we managed to save him. After that, we ran into the storm that was on for a million years. When we tried  to get to the next planet the gravity pulled us back so we had to go on full speed to escape it. The next planet was Saturn. We decided to stay on Saturn for ten hours. We were bored so we decided to sit on Saturn rings because they were like a merry-go-round. At the end, we got dizzy and decided to move on. Next up was Uranus. It was very cold there. We put a flag there too and slept there for some time. When we woke up, we decided to head home .


On our way home, our space capsule malfunctioned and we crashed on an undiscovered planet. We found some aliens there. We named it Planet Surprise’. Everything was dried up there. Then I fell into a sinkhole and others got worried for me so they decided to jump inside too. There we saw a whole new world! There were many aliens and they were surprised to see us and they tried explaining to us that they would take us home. After some time we understood and then we got into their spaceship and they took us back home safely. When we were safe on the ground we thanked them and all the aliens left. But one refused to go back so we decided to let him stay with us. And now he stays with us and he is our friend named Blop who learns and plays with us in our school.

19 Responses

  1. Vow Manak tusi great ho .
    I always knew you are a voracious reader,but writing stories,this talent is very appreciable.
    Your imagination, flow of thoughts and love for your friends make me feel proud for you .
    Looking forward for more such stories . Take me along on your next adventure.
    Love you. Be blessed.

  2. Wow that is amazing Manak, your writing is way ahead of your age. You are a wonderful storyteller. Your knowledge of space and the planets is so good. Keep it up. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Such an interesting story Manak! There was Some really cute stuff like u playing marry go round on the saturn.. Loved it!
    Keep up the amazing work, eager to read more stories written by you !!

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