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Kriti Sowmyanarayan

6 Years

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A tale of two grandmothers | Blog by Kriti, 6, Bangalore

Tell us about your grandparents! 5-year-old Kriti from Bangalore tells us about her grandmothers. 

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I have two grandmothers- Kausalya paati (Tamil for grandmother) and Geetha paati. I call them Smart paati and Stylish paati. Smart paati, AKA Kausalya Paati knows everything about everything. Stylish paati, AKA, Geetha paati looks the best in a salwar kameez. 


Kausalya paati cooks yummy food and Geetha paati brings nice gifts. People say that my sister looks like Kausalya paati and I look like Geetha paati.


I love both my grandmothers.

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  1. Lovely blog about both your grandmothers, Dear Kriti. Very well written. Well described. Keep up the good work, Dear Kriti.!!!

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