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A Spoonful of Murder| Book Review by Aadya,13,New Delhi

13-year-old Aadya from Delhi reviews A Spoonful of Murder by Robin Stevens, an intriguing, mysterious and spectacular story according to her

A spoonful of murder book review robin stevens

Book review : A spoonful of murder by Robin Stevens


Have you ever wanted to make things right, but continuously disappointed someone? Have you ever felt guilty about something that might not be your fault? This is what Hazel experienced.


Hazel Wong, the eldest daughter of one of the richest families in Hong Kong, is called back to grieve her grandfather who had recently passed away. Daisy Wells, Hazel’s best friend and the president of the Detective society happily accompanies Hazel to her beautiful estate. She is there to mourn – but Hazel inadvertently discovers a new side to her family. 


If her grandfather’s death isn’t enough, there occurs a murder and a kidnap, within the family. 


When investigations start, Hazel and Daisy decide to take matters in their hands before something even worse happens.


This time, Hazel is not only a secret detective, but has also been framed for murder. The girls do everything – plan with sinister people and dangerous gangs and what not to clear Hazel’s name. But is it too late for it?


A great job done by Robin Stevens, in writing such an intriguing, mysterious and spectacular story. The twist and turns in this book are so unexpected. The length of the book is also perfect. 


Recommended for 10 years and above.

Rating-Five stars. 

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