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A dog’s final goodbye

The ocean waves were thumping the humongous rocks while Akash and I were sitting on sand soft as silk, having our legs stretched out waiting for waves to come and touch our feet. I was running towards the waves trying to catch hold of little shells that came rolling with them and disappeared in a second. I always wondered what lies beneath those waves, maybe fish bigger than the ones I tried to catch, but today I was feeling different. It felt as if I was old.


A dog’s final goodbye


What does old mean, I wondered to myself. I have heard mom (Akash’s mom) say that she is now growing old. Maybe growing old means having grey hair, but I don’t have any. Maybe growing old feels like having limited power. That is what I have, limited power in my limited life. So now maybe I’m actually too old to play with Akash, maybe I’m too old to roll in the sand, and maybe I am old that’s why he has brought another dog.


I am Oscar, a twelve-year-old dog and the best friend of Akash, or at least I was till now. Life in Goa is the best, I’m going to miss it after I’m gone.

The new dog arrived yesterday in the human carriage with four wheels and a bonnet. She is really tiny and cute. She had arrived in a metallic cage. It seemed as if she had come to conquer my dynasty with her cute looks. Akash was running behind her calling her name again and again, “Daisy, Daisy”. It seemed as if I didn’t exist at all. Daisy ran towards my bed. She jumped on it headfirst and gave a delightful bark. I knew one thing that life would not be the same from that day onwards.


A dog’s final goodbye


They bought a new bed for Daisy, with cozy rose pink cushions and a silver blanket, and I still lie on my old rugged bed. I don’t know why but I’m now starting to hate her more, maybe because I don’t want Akash to play tug-of-war with anyone else.


“Would you like a pillow of mine, as it is not my habit to sleep with so many pillows?” said Daisy. “No thanks I don’t need any type of favours from you,” I replied. “ Do you think that it is my fault?” she said. “What fault?” I asked in a grumpy manner.


“So you think it is because of me that he is not paying any attention to you? He loves you more than me,” said Daisy.


“But I don’t want to die, I don’t want to leave Akash,” I said. “Everyone has to. That’s what life is,” said Daisy, “No Akash shouldn’t die, he seems immortal,” I said almost crying. “No, you fool! He just lives longer than you or me, he is not immortal,” said Daisy.

A dog’s final goodbye


First of all, I was offended because only Akash could call me a fool, but when Daisy said it didn’t hurt that much because now I was leaving all my feelings behind on earth.

“But now it feels different, it feels safe to leave Akash,” I said, “ Maybe growing old feels like being free of responsibilities,” I continued.

“Wow, baba Oscar gives great lectures,” Daisy teased.

I realized that though my life was short, I had gotten so many blessings.

Maybe mortality wasn’t so bad after all.


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