Pratyusha Pathak

11 Years

Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambernath


A Dog’s Day | Poem by young writer from Mumbai

Our furry friends on the road would like us to read this poem written by Pratyusha from Mumbai. What do you think?

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I am a dog named Lali,

I live in the nearby alley.

Such an exciting life I lead, I thought as I lay.

The mornings aren’t so nice,

As there’s hustle and bustle.

A stampede of vehicles, trampling of feet

So, I sit in the ‘kirana’ store

For biscuits and treats.

I often wonder, don’t these humans make a blunder?

Their money and their phones,

With every chore they’re so busy,

They could do with some clones.

In the evening the scenario changes,

As kids from schools and grown-ups from offices all return,

Instead of their school bags, kids hold cricket bats in turn.

Grown-ups come down for walks too,

Yet again with their phones.

I meet with all the other strays,

All tired from searching for food.

It’s difficult you see, as we’re often chased away.

They care so much for posh poodles and pugs,

That we are to them dribbling old fools,

Full of fleas and bugs.

But it is worth bearing, as in the night we’re in for a feast!

Around the butcher’s shop we gather, where he throws us some meat.

Mostly chicken, sometimes mutton!

Oh, what joy! No one’s sullen!

You see I’m far better off like this, experienced and free.

Rather than licking my owner’s face and eating kibbles.

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful!
    You can create a visual by choosing the simplest of words.
    Keep shining! God bless.

  2. Amazing…….the beautiful expression, the depth of your thoughts, play of words……everything makes me more and more proud…..keep going my champion

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