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#SaraReads: Story- The girl who could not stop smiling

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Rindy Ross was doing her usual favourite thing, grinning and reading a book.  Now, you would wonder why I had to add ‘grinning’. You will understand later in the story.

First, I must tell you all about Rindy. She used to smile or grin all the time.  Brushing, bathing, at class, playing outside or any time you imagine, she was  smiling. Normally, you would think that was OK, but here, it was a serious problem. She just wouldn’t stop smiling. Her teachers reminded her numerous times that her antics disturbed the class. Sometimes, she would get bored during geography but still smile all the while.


Her parents decided to try different things in an attempt to make her stop, but she still grinned sometimes. They first requested her drama teacher , Miss Cory.  She agreed and so, from that day, after school, Rindy had to try not to smile one whole hour. They did it slowly at first, but she really couldn’t help it. It was really boring, what with Miss Cory delivering lecture after lecture on  smiling. Rindy kept on trying not to smile until Miss Cory was fed up.

Her parents tried again, now with a girl who seldom smiled in class. Her name was Aldon Lilly. So Rindy tried again to control her smiling, but it was worse. Aldon didn’t even have the patience of a teacher. Eventually, both girls grew very impatient, and  Rindy’s parents had to think of something else.

It was bad.


They decided that the best thing to do was to imitate her and see how she felt. So, they tried it. Do you want to know how she felt? I’ll tell you. At first, she didn’t notice it at all. But some incidents made her notice.


One time, she asked her mother to please go and get her some milk. But her mother just sat there grinning. Another time, she asked her father to help her with her homework. But he just sat there smiling. Now she began to  understand how it felt. It felt irritating.


So, Rindy told her parents she would try not to smile all the time. And, from that day onwards, she still smiled and brought sunshine into people’s lives, but not all the time to annoy them.

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