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Saachi Raja

9 Years

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3 changes for my school campus| Blog by Saachi,10,Kolkata

What can your school do to make schooling a better experience for you? 10 year-old Saachi from Kolkata offers her fantastic view.
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I study in a school in Kolkata. Although it is a pleasant place to receive education, there are three things I would like to change here.


The first thing I would like to change is my music room.  It has hard wooden benches and two small blackboards. There is a piano in the middle of the room. Instead, I would like this room to be large and have a large ceiling. The piano in the middle of the room could face a large blackboard. There could be many soft, embroidered cushions to sit on. A few lanterns which emit a yellow light could be hung on the walls, to be switched on dark, rainy days.Otherwise, three large windows at the far end of the room could be opened to let in bright sunlight. Music classes are usually tedious for all the students- as the room is a forbidding one and it is quite hard to see the blackboard for a few students. These changes could alter the following circumstances.


The second place I would like to change is my library- it has black plastic chairs and red wooden tables. It also has glass cupboards in which many books are kept. This library is bare and plain. Instead, I would like it to have colourful nooks and mats for students to curl up and read. In a corner, there could be a few large, comfy, armchairs with several quaint tables alongside them. Piles of books could be stacked on tables or shelves so they could be retrieved easily. This will make the wonderful experience of reading books much more innovative and fun.


We also have a field in our school. It is a huge, green place. It has two or three large, spreading trees. Under one of these trees, a few swings can be hung from the large branches for the student’s enjoyment. These trees are so vast and gigantic that numerous people can be seated under its shade. Hence, outdoor classes can be held here on fine, spring days when our windowless classroom is too oppressively stuffy to sit in. In this way, we can interact with nature while studying below the sun.


I think every school should be innovative and colourful- because only then can we call this place our second home.


Saachi Raja

Class 5

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