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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Keep our spirit high and wait!

#SaraReads #GratitudeduringCovid Young author Arnav

In the time of Corona:  Keep our spirit high and wait!

One of the biggest contributions a civilian can make towards preventing the spread of Coronavirus, is staying at home in isolation. As a student just starting tenth grade, I felt it was a blessing which came in disguise of a disease. I got time to chill before all the pressure starts to accumulate, but I was wrong!

 The lack of physical contact and experiencing the monotony has taken a toll on all of us. It has been annoying because I can’t even step outside for a casual stroll. Our sleep schedules, our daily routines have been messed up and I’ve lost my sense of time. Ironically, the greatest frustration is that after a long time, the air and weather in India has improved and I cannot fully participate in it. Now, I feel claustrophobic inside the comfort of my own house, something which I could have never predicted.

Over a hundred thousand people have died due to this virus till date. All the millions quarantined in their houses have hope that the lock-down will soon pass. I don’t want to lose hope myself. There surely is a rainbow after a heavy, thunderous rain and there will be a bright side to this calamity too. 

Though bothersome, this act of isolation has its own vantage points. Many people have been looking at the brighter sides of this pandemic. People have started feeling free, especially students. People are catching up on their television shows, binge-watching new ones and doing things you do not usually have time for. I, for example, play with my dog as much I can, which I could not earlier as my exams were on. 

Being cooped up together for a long time is making life difficult at times. For example, some habits of our loved ones, which we used to ignore before the lock down period, have become prominent due to proximity.However, quarantined inside the house for weeks together has brought us closer to our inner circle, our family members.  It has been an enriching time with my loved ones. We have been each others’ source of support. This has obviously deepened our bonds further.

We all have been feeling differently about this lockdown situation, but it is time to bottle these feelings up because this is for the greater good and there’s nothing more we can do right now than keep up our spirits high and wait. 

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