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Zomato : Autobiography of the food app by Varnika,12, Kolkata

Ever ordered food from Zomato? Now hear the app talk thanks to the incredible creativity of 12-year-old Varnika from Kolkata.

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My name is Zomato and I am an app. I was born in New Delhi in 2008. My creators are Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal when they were working as management consultants with Bain & Company in New Delhi.


I have many notable features. One of them is that I am an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator. People can order food from me and they get hot food in just 15-20 minutes! Even senior citizens and children can use me very easily. The website started as a restaurant listing and recommendation portal. 


They renamed me Zomato in 2010 as they were unsure if they would “just stick to food” and also to avoid a potential naming conflict with eBay. If a person wants to order waffles and is unsure of where to buy them, then just by typing Waffles, he/she will get dozens of options through which they can buy the best waffles in their city. 


Customers can also choose the region from which they would like to eat the waffles like Kankurgachi, Topsia, Salt Lake etc in Kolkata. 


I am a very successful app. I am proud that people think I am intuitive. They can have mouth-watering food without needing to go out of the house to buy it. 

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