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World Teachers Day – My Teacher, My Guide, My Friend | Bookosmia

World Teachers Day - My teacher, my guide, my friend



Teachers are the ones with a capital T,

They are truly the heroes that guide and educate me.

Whether it’s Hindi, Grammar, Science or a guitar note,

They always have the perfect antidote.


Even with our nagging and persistent questions,

Oh! You should see they are fortified with patience.

For being jolly they have a knack,

Don’t worry they have got our back.


Sometimes when you’re feeling blue,

A teacher will come and cheer you.

They become our friend and confidante

To disrespect them, I shan’t.


Whether a complex mathematical operation,

Or any other tough situation.


They are the angels that will save us,

And will make our life easy without any fuss.


I thank the teachers all over the globe,

They give us a degree and our worthy robe.

World Teachers Day - My teacher, my guide, my friend



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