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World Environment Day – A Thank You Note | Bookosmia

World Environment Day - A thank you note




World Environment Day,
Is celebrated to encourage awareness.

Growing trees save us from infection,
There should be strict inspection,
So that our mother Earth is full of protection.

As I wake up in the morning,
I see the shining sunshine coming through the window,
As I take a peek at the garden,
I see the flowers as they grow.

The trees in the beautiful forests,
Give us fresh air everyday,
We should thank God for the nature
Given to us in each way,
We are blessed,
So we should fold our hands to pray.

Today is a great day,
There is something that I want to say,
A very happy environment day.


World Environment Day - A thank you note


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  1. In today’s world Environment should be given top priority. If our earth does not survive, then nothing survives. At this tender age you are aware of our crucial need. Thank you for creating such an awareness. Your small contribution will make a drastic change, a giant leap to a healthy planet.

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