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Word Activities with Sara #7 An Idiom packed story

Sara reads activities for kid by Kanishka Mumbai Bookosmia

Hey everyone, Sara here! Today is this idiom packed story by 10 year old Kanishka Jain of Little Reader’s Nook Mumbai What is an idiom? An idiom is a phase which does not have the same meaning as its literal meaning. This fun story will illustrate.


Friday is Riya’s online school. In English class she had a task about writing a story on Idioms. Luckily , She had a class of Sheetal ma’am on the same topic  on Wednesday.  Riya was overjoyed or ‘over the moon’ knowing about it from her mother.

Soon in the evening, she joined the class. Riya was very excited. Ma’am said,”Hold your horses, Riya. Be patient. Learn the content.”

After the class, when ma’am asked Riya about the class she was quite  confident .
Next day was the test  and Riya could answer  all the questions. She could use  all the idioms very efficiently. When the test result was announced, Riya  ‘passed with flying colours,’ outshining other students.


Riya jumped with joy and thanked her Sheetal ma’am.


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