Vivvaan Bajpayee

11 Years


Wonders of the universe | Poem by Vivvaan,11, Bangalore

What do you admire most about space? 11-year-old Vivvaan cannot help marveling about the wonders of the universe now that Chandrayaan-3 is on the moon.

Sharing my love of space with you

Wonders of the universe



What do you think lies outside our Earth ?

An atmosphere, a sheath of air

The sun, most important thing there

Close neighbours like Mercury and Venus

Distant frosty giants like Uranus

Pluto’s orbit at the back of the line


The universe doesn’t end here, 

It bears a scientific design

Of endlessness and infinite ends

Stretching on with curves and bends


Stretches for galaxies and Milky Way and more,

Wormholes, Black holes, cosmic rays galore !

Thus we can say, the physics of space

Shall admire and amaze every race !


A particularly mysterious tale – not forgotten soon

Is of the dark side of the moon

Get ready to explore via Chandrayaan 3

Unlock the secrets of the galaxy !

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