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Wonder Woman 1984- An Inspiring Female Superhero| Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 movie review - An inspiring female superhero

Movie: Wonder Woman 1984 

Released: 2020

Directed by: Patty Jenkins

Recently, I watched a DC movie, Wonder Woman 1984. I liked this movie very much. It portrays woman power and the fact that even women can be superheroes, just like a Batman and Superman.


I have very few comic books of Wonder Woman, but I have watched the movies. I like DC superheroes so much that I also have all their action figures, out of which Wonder Woman is my favorite. She is a superhero that stands by truth, love and wonder. I found the movie very inspiring.


The basic plot revolves around Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman who has to fight against two people, Maxwell Lord and Barbara Minerva, a friend turned foe. Barbara is upset with her life because nobody pays attention to her and is not popular amongst the people. Hence, she desires to be like her new friend, Diana Prince, who is very talented, confident, beautiful and positive, not as a superhero, but in normal life. But as they say ‘be careful what you wish for’.


Wonder Woman 1984 movie review - An inspiring female superhero


Barbara gains powers like Wonder Woman. However, Barbara uses her powers to side with the evil, Maxwell Lord.


Juggling between two villains isn’t easy, but Diana does it. The movie was indeed slow, but the inspiration and messages from the movie are unforgettable.


Wonder Woman 1984 movie review - An inspiring female superhero


The moral I got from this movie, is that you have to work very hard to achieve something. For instance, Maxwell Lord just wishes to be a wish granter and gets carried away with it. He gets so lost in his wrong doings that he creates nuclear bombs and even declares a war on Russia.


The phrases I liked in the movie are ‘nothing good is born from lies’, ‘the truth is bigger than everyone, ‘the world was a beautiful place just as it was, and you cannot have all of it. You can only have the truth. Truth is beautiful’ and, last but not the least, ‘you have a strong power in you. Stop doubting yourself. These inspiring words were spoken by an inspiring superhero. I loved the way Wonder Woman convinces Maxwell Lord to be on the good path, especially for his son.


Wonder Woman 1984 movie review - An inspiring female superhero


In conclusion, truth is a bigger hero than any of us. In the end, the truth shall always win, no matter what.

This movie is the best example of the power that women hold. This sheds light on the most needed topic today, truth.

We should thank god for creating such a great world and shouldn’t destroy it with lies, cruelness and disarray. Just imagine a world, full of happiness, truth, unity and love. Can you believe how much this world is going to change? As Diana once said ‘sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning until you come out to the other side.’

Wonder Woman 1984 movie review - An inspiring female superhero

I give this movie 4/5 stars and recommend it to ages 10+.



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