Kimaya Sharma Narayan

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Women’s Rights – We Deserve Better

Women’s rights - We deserve better

Women’s rights - We deserve better


I am so disgusted by the blind eyes

Can’t you see women all around the globe

Their struggles

Too deep to be told.


Harassed there and here

No one deserves to live their life in fear

We are powerless, under-looked

We are impoverished

We are racially profiled


We are stigmatised

We deserve a better life

And when we fight for our rights people call us unsatisfied


We are laughed at for being who we are

Even though we love ourselves just the way we are


We are always misjudged and misunderstood

We are not trophies

That is just bizarre!


Move gracefully, be gentle, and elegant be more feminine so we have been told

But that’s not our role


We may not be as strong as a man but we will reclaim our rights,

Fight to change laws that put us down


March the streets and demand peace and we won’t whine

We are not invisible so we will stand up for all of womankind


We are humans and deserve equal respect and better lives

Your words, your bullets, your weapons will ricochet, they leave you in disarray


We work hard but get paid unfairly! But this time we will be heard

We will bang on your walls tear it down just to make you listen


We don’t belong in the kitchen that’s not our job

Society tells us to stay in line, listen to the rules

Enough of all of that

We can do it too!


Women’s rights - We deserve better

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