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Why We Celebrate Holi? | Essay| Bookosmia

Happy Holi everyone! Hope you have a colourful day! 9 year old Navika Kharbanda, a Bookosmian from Noida tells us the story of Holi and why we celebrate it. How are you celebrating? Tell us!


Why we celebrate holi

Holi is a festival of joy and enthusiasm. It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil.

Holi is completely celebrated for two days. The first day is celebrated as Holika Dahan. On this day, Lord Hiranya Kashyap‘s sister Holika sat in the fire with his son Prahlaad as his father did not like his son’s devotion to Lord Vishnu.


Why we celebrate holi


Holika had taken a boon from god that she would not burn in fire. But, to their surprise Holika got burnt and Prahlaad was seen worshipping Lord Vishnu.


Why we celebrate holi


It is named Holika Dahan as; Holika is the name of Hiranya Kashyap’s sister and Dahan means ‘burning.’ So, that is how Holika Dahan came into existence.


On Holika Dahan people throw groundnuts, popcorn and tilkut into the fire. The next morning people prepare thandai (dry fruit milk), gujia and the festival is incomplete without the delicious regional delicacy, Rasmalai.


Why we celebrate holi


On this day children fill balloons with coloured water in it. They also use pichkaris (water guns) to throw coloured water on adults. Our family always celebrates a chemical free Holi.


My plans for this year’s Holi is that I will make organic colours at home and help my mother prepare gujia and other Holi delicacies.

Why we celebrate holi

It is also known that Lord Krishna celebrated Holi with marigold flowers with the Gopis.

My most awaited festival has arrived. Happy Holi!




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  1. Well done Navika.Keep up ur innovative ideas to garnish it and take it to the new level…Very impressive…

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