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Why do Indians say guests are God? Essay by Pranaaya,10, Kolkata

Why do Indians consider guests as God? 10-year-old Pranaaya from Kolkata wonders in this essay.

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India is a country with a very rich culture and heritage. We believe that there are two types of energy in this world – positive and negative energy. Each and every object and person gives out an energy. The energy that we give out to the world comes back to us.


Indians believe that God resides in each and every person. When a guest comes home, the God in them brings good energy to the house and helps us in many ways. We also believe that if we treat the guest nicely, they will attract good vibrations and positivity. Whereas if we treat the guest poorly, the reverse will happen. 


Sometimes, guests give and share their cultural manners and ideas. Welcoming a guest can help the guest and the host feel wanted. We can increase bonding by playing together, eating together, sometimes studying together, visiting our friends, family, relatives and cousins.


Indians take extra care of the guests who come to stay with them believing them to be God. We believe in the ancient quote which says “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which means “Guest is God.” 


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