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Why A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend | Bookosmia

Why a dog is a man’s best friend

“Wow! What a pleasant day”, thought 10 year old Andrea as she went skating on the streets when she saw a dog with a leash!

She went to take a closer look and on its collar was written Jasmin. So, Andrea figured that the dog belonged to someone, a lost pet.

The dog was a skinny one, she had light brown fur and brown eyes. Jasmin sat calmly next to Andrea. Andrea patted Jasmin. She took her home and narrated to her mother how she found her.

Why a dog is a man’s best friend


Andrea’s mother was flabbergasted to see her daughter come home with a new pet. Andrea and her parents reached out to the entire community to find Jasmin’s owner.

Meanwhile, Andrea became very attached to Jasmin by playing with her, taking her for walks and snuggling with her. Andrea made and printed a few ‘lost dog’ posters and stuck them around public places like metro stations, supermarkets, etc.


Why a dog is a man’s best friend


As each day passed, Andrea became even more closer to Jasmin. They started to sleep and wake up together and also ate together. Jasmin became a close buddy to the entire family.

Jasmin was a calm and lovable dog. Soon she had many friends in the neighborhood. They soon started to go to playdates with the other dogs.


Why a dog is a man’s best friend


One day, a stranger knocked on the door. He informed that he was the owner of Jasmin. Jasmin started to shake her tail vigorously because she was happy to see him again.

Though Andrea was happy that Jasmin got reunited with her owner, she was heart-broken to see her leave.

That was when Andrea realized the meaning of the saying, “Dog is a man’s best friend’.


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