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‘Who can say no to a yummy cake?’ A creative story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

story of a proud cake by kids for kids Bookosmia

Long-long ago, in a faraway land, there lived a baker called Mr. Ovens. He had  his own bakery called Sugars and Spices.

The bakery was famous for its delicious cakes and Mr. Ovens had specialized  in making cakes so much, he was the finest baker in town. He always wanted to learn more and kept inventing new and mouth-watering cakes. One of his great cake successes was “The Love Bird”. It was shaped like a songbird. The cake was about ¾ feet tall and 5 inches wide. Its beak, ears, head and feet  were made of milky chocolate. The body was moulded from Oreo-paste, its  eyes, and wings made of red velvet and its cheeks were splashes of strawberry batter. Its eyeballs were made of chocolate buttons, a hair dress made of  strawberry candy and tummy made of vanilla and decorated with sugar hearts.


To add some more details to the cake, the baker put grass in the plate that the cake was kept in and it looked like a bird’s nest. The cake stood perfectly still.


Mr. Ovens tasted some of the cake.
Mmmmm… It just melts in the mouth. Oh! He could not stop eating it. He made  a few more of the love bird cakes to put in his bakery.

The next day, the customers saw it, ordered it, bought it for home and gave  excellent feedback and ratings to the cake. Ahh… it was a glorious day. This  continued for many, many days and all people loved the cake.


Once, a woman came in the morning and bought the cake for her three kids, one was nine, one was six and one was a baby around 1 year old.

Once home with the cake, the woman told her children, “Hey, listen up! I have bought the famous love bird cake for you all. Be good today and I will give you  the cake after dinner.”

Hearing the news, the three got exited! They all were on their best possible  behaviour and waited impatiently for dessert time. And obviously, they did not eat their dinner with as much happiness as they ate the cake.

The cake was big, the kids could not finish it all up in one day. So, their mother saved the leftover cake in the refrigerator along with the salad, juice and sandwich.

“Hey there! Let me guess… you are love bird, right?” asked the juice.

“Yeah and I am here to become the king of all food!”, said the cake arrogantly.

“At breakfast they practically threw you three away from their plates. I saw that! Ha Ha Ha Ha… But you saw them when they ate me, the adorable twinkle in their young eyes! Ahh…,” the proud little cake relaxed its head on the grass on the plate and feet on the sandwich.

“Don’t be so arrogant! It is always bad for you”, said the salad giving an  advising look. The cake sat on its soft grass and gave a carefree look to the salad,” Oh Yeah?”

“Yes!”, said the sandwich,” one day, everyone will eat us with pleasure and hope.”

“I bet not!” cried the cake.


A few days passed and eating the cake everyday had made the children fat  and lazy. They suffered loose motions frequently and were not very healthy.

Their mother talked to the doctor about it and he advised to ban sugar from the children’s diet for 5 days. So, their mother kept them on a diet in which  there was mixed fruit juice and sprouts for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch  and salad for dinner.

Kept in the fridge, untouched, for 5 long days, the cake started feeling upset  that now he was rotting in the fridge and the juice, sandwich and salad being  given so much importance. He started becoming chewy and hard day by day
in the refrigerator.

Then, the woman threw it away for now he was useless. He understood that he must also have thought about the children’s health and got to know that  everything has its own importance and he decided to never be overconfident  and proud again.


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