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What is Art | Poem by 15 year old from Kolkata

What does art mean to you? 15 year old Prisha from Kolkata pens her thoughts in this beautiful poem.

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What is art

What is art ?

Is art drawings and sketches ?

Or is art colouring and painting ?


Art is you

Art is me

Art is something you might not be able to see

Art is the beauty of the soul

Art is the wisdom of the mind


Art is in the way you smile

Art is when you’re happy and your eyes shine

Art is in the way the hairs on your shoulder align

Art is in the way you dress

Art is how you are adventurous


Art is in the darkness of the caves

Art is in the curling of the ocean waves

Art is when a tree dances in the breeze

Art is when you see the sun shining in the east


Art cannot be defined

Art has no shape size colour or form

When the universe was created,

Art was born.


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