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What if animals ruled the world? Blog by Aaranyak,9,Kolkata

What if animals ruled the world? 9-year-old Aaranyak from Kolkata explores, in this thoughtful essay. 

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What if animals ruled the world? 

If animals ruled the world, the earth would be a beautiful green and blue planet. Forests are home to most animals. So animals would not cut down trees to make houses or roads. Animals would not drive around in cars or use ACs and other appliances at home. Therefore, the earth would not produce so much carbon. There would be no climate change. The air would be clean and fresh.  The sky would be smoke free. The night sky would dazzle with glittering stars. 


With trees all around, there would be enough rainfall and the temperature of the earth would not rise every year. Because the animals do not use plastic, the soil and the water would also be free from pollution.  No marine creature would die consuming plastic. There would be no such thing as global warming or climate change. The polar ice caps would not melt and the sea level would not rise to threaten life on earth. 


Animals only hunt for survival. They do not steal, rob or murder others for their selfish interest. So there would be no crime and no terrorism either. But if animals ruled the world it would not be so good for human beings. The large animals may prey upon them. They may have dishes like man steak or roasted man. They may mince our meat to make momos or dumplings. Humans also run the risk of being turned into pets. They may put chains around our necks and take us out for morning or evening walks. Some of them would be cruel and beat their pets or starve them. 


If animals ruled the world they may have circuses of their own and make us jump through rings of fire or perform other antics. So, if animals ruled the world it may be good for the earth but not so for us.

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