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Wednesday Wisdom – The Sun Shall Shine Again

Wednesday Wisdom - The sun shall shine again


Wednesday Wisdom - The sun shall shine again

On a corner sat I,
With my eyes fixed at the subtle blue sky,
Seamless it was with kites flying high.

The weather was in a debate,
Looks like the sun is what the wind ate,
But after darkness sunshine has to come again.

Life on earth was in shambles,
Children never tired of their babbles.

Everybody is locked at home for what seems like endless time,
Because coming out is now like a crime,
And truth today is sour as a lime.

But remember tough times are like the moon,
Which will go away when the day has to bloom,
They will have to come again uneventually soon.

Life is such a joker like the weather,
The heavens plays tricks on us,
But we can’t do anything because we don’t have any weight
We are light as feather.


Wednesday Wisdom - The sun shall shine again

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