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Festivals with Sara Essay by Shrivats from Kolkata
Saraswati Puja or Vasant Panchami is the festival of scholars. On this day, goddess Saraswati is worshipped. She is considered to be the goddess of knowledge, art and music.

She holds the veena (a musical instrument) and also referred to as ‘Veena Vadini’. This festival in India follows an another important festival-Makar Sankranti.

Vasant Panchami marks the onset of the spring season. It is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the Indian month of Magh. In the southern part of India, this festival falls on navaratri. This festival is followed by another major festival – Holi.

It is believed that on this day goddess Saraswati was born. She is the companion of Brahma, also revered as his Shakti (power). It was with her knowledge, that Brahma created the universe. This festival is celebrated in temples, homes schools, colleges and educational institutions. Goddess Sarawati’s favourite colour is white. She is seen as the serene Goddess wearing a crescent moon on her brow riding a swan or seated on a lotus flower.

There is also a custom of ancestor worship, known as ‘Pitri-Tarpan’ in many parts of India during Vasant Panchami.



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