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Tokyo Olympics – The Spirit Of Unity | By 12 year old from Bangalore

From Simone’s courage, Mary Kom’s grace even in loss, Mirabai Chanu’s silver medal..gosh what an incredible Olympics we are witnessing! 12 year old Vanya Nath, a Bookosmian from Bangalore puts it all into perspective for us! Are you watching? Tell us!
Tokyo Olympics - The spirit of unity

Olympics, schmolympics?
The truth about spirit at olympics,
Twisting bends and correcting mends,
All set to fight and fend,
Hoping to make us proud,
Eyes set on their gem,
Still others said it wouldn’t happen,
“Olympics schmolympics” to be exact,
No support, or national fret,
It left them down, sad,
Hurting, yet breaking stereotypes.


They practiced every day,
Running, swimming, karate,
Nothing left unripe.


The day came where they stood,
Heads tall, no hood,
Listened to the speech with glee,
Before the games were in decree.


One by one, they seized the field,
Feelings galore-shock, surprise, happy,
Others realized only now,
They had to let them free,
Having fun, competing ahead,
They now cheered more and more.


Athletes got their mindset,
For the last goal, doing better than before.


Results were in, they had won,
For soul and the country,
“Olympics schmolympics” they no longer said,
For the athletes and the team,
It had brought us together,
It had brought them luck and a trophy.


Olympics had thus instilled unity,
For the spirit of the world and country,
This Olympics was just one,
There were many more to go,
The spirit of unity had plans,
For there were many more to be won,
Many more to steal the show!



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