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Avyan Singh

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To The Mountains – O Dear Teacher! | Bookosmia

To the mountains - O dear teacher!


To the mountains - O dear teacher!


Teacher! Teacher!
My inspiration.
I wish I could take you on my vacation,
Of hiking, camping and skiing.

You keep us busy everyday,
Do come,
take a break from your heavy day.

We are going to camp in the mountains of North India,
This idea is giving me a sense of euphoria.

You’ll need your backpack, bug spray and clothes,
Get ready to know how an explorer goes.

While walking in the mountains,
There will be rivers in our way.
Be careful!
Otherwise we’ll have a wet day!

I’m sure this adventure will make our sweat drip,
This is going to be a very fun trip.


To the mountains - O dear teacher!



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  1. God bless you Avyan … Appreciate your talent.Nice poem . Wishing you many more to come.

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