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Tintin and his special bond with Snowy| Review by Saachi,10,Kolkata

How did Tintin find Snowy the fox terrier? 10 year-old Saachi from Kolkata writes about Snowy and Tintin, and how they developed a special bond of their own.

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Young Tintin got a faithful sidekick for himself while he was on a trek in the forests of Congo. He saved a cute, fluffy pup from an overexcited pigeon, which was trying to peck his eyes out. They immediately took to each other and became really close as time passed.

Every day dawned bright and sunny for Tintin and his little comrade. They woke up early, with Snowy curled up beside Tintin. After satisfying both their large appetites with a hearty breakfast, it was work time for them. Tintin refused to take even a step without Snowy. Hence, they would either stride out together to solve a case, or set out in search for some juicy news. This would carry on until dusk fell, when the team returned to their abode. The boy could understand the puppy’s thoughts, and the observant dog had a remarkable ability to sense danger. The fox terrier loved the boy, the boy loved the fox terrier. Snowy wanted to follow Tintin through forest and fen and flood, no matter what danger came their way. Tintin was able to establish a harmonious rapport with Snowy.

I am sure that sometimes Snowy was afraid and nervous to follow Tintin on his wild escapades, but his close bond with Tintin never let the fox terrier stay behind without him.

On this note, we can conclude that Snowy was going to be with Tintin in every danger that he encountered. Their connection assures us that the boy and his young sidekick were very happy together.

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