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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Time Warp

SaraReads GratutideDuringCovid Stories for kids young author Hunar

The regular hustle on pause,

The resume button lost.

The minute hand completely still,

Our lives stuck in a time warp.


The world on rewind for the first time,

With no human in sight.

The roads as deserted as a cemetery,

And the people with a new hobby every day.


Sales are now on fast forward,

Sanitizers, sanitary napkins and toilet paper,

Are nowhere to be seen.

About others no one seems to care.


But hope will never be lost,

A sense of understanding was given birth to.

A new challenge to overcome,

And we are all in this unitedly.


After all this is over,

Everyone will know life’s worth once more.

Loved ones will be reunited,

And everything will be like before.

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