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Rahul Khamari

15 Years

53 Years

J.M.J English Medium School, Kantabanji


The sun Vs the tree

sun tree poem Bookosmia

The shady tree standing by,
Holds its beautiful branches high.
The branches fight with the Phoebus’s  ray.
As the tree block its way.

To the Earth the Sun peeps,
But the Earth hides behind the trees.
The best friends by their childish fight,
Gets by everyone’s sight.
The smart sun hovers up and down,
Expecting to win the round.
It hovers all over the sky.
Till the night ends its try.
For the stunning sight they all see,
Till there remains the kind tree.
When the man’s greed takes over,
The beautiful fight is then over.
tree cut poem Bookosmia
The sun now looks upon the Earth differently somehow,
As the friendly fight has finished now.
As the sight of the Earth was just an excuse.
Which to start the fight was used.
The glory of the fight stands no more
As the only sun now violently does roar.
The Earth feels sad and sam does the sun,
To loose a friend of their concern.

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