Annette George

16 Years

53 Years

Nirmala Public School, Kerala


The Power Of A Woman | Bookosmia

The power of a woman


The power of a woman


Mystic eyes of blues;
Unveiled hair of pride,
Dancing upon the solace of breeze;
Keeper of many but yet untold stories.

She is a whirlwind of emotions;
With the tenderness of cosmos.
She holds a choatic shyness;
Like a rainbow lightning.

She breaks the barriers of prejudice,
Seeking her true self.
Yet replenishing her feminine beauty…

She flows as if a river,
Spreading the aroma of lavenders in Cape Verde.
But her mind has a hurricane of constraints,
The very own curb of being a duly woman.

She is dissipated in nature’s tranquillity,
Mesmerized in the serendipity of green meadows.
She won’t let anyone down,
For she is pure as mother Earth,
Nurturing and nourishing ever after…


The power of a woman




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