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10 Years

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The Post Bear | Story by Ayushmita, 10, Guwahati

Meet a bear who dreams to be a postman in 10-year-old Ayushmita from Guwahati’s cute story. 

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The Post Bear 

In the forest, there lived a bear.

His name was Snuggle Bo. Snuggle Bo used to peek at the city next to the forest all the time. He saw people using mobile phones and other devices. But something that attracted him the most was the postman delivering posts.

Snuggle Bo wanted his forest to have a postal system too. So he told his other forest mates to help him make his dream come true. Every animal started collecting waste paper at midnight from the city. Then they wrote letters to each other. 

Snuggle Bo delivered the letters. 


His dream was accomplished.

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