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The Picture Of A Happy Girl | Bookosmia

The Picture of a Happy Girl

One day, I was going through a folder of my animated pictures, when I came across a cute picture, of a girl.

In that picture, I saw a 5-6 year old cute girl, with golden hair, fair skin and a sleeveless yellow dress that she wore. The girl was cheerfully holding colourful balloons. She was running across tall grass and the background was of a bright countryside morning.

The Picture of a Happy Girl


The bright colourful balloons reminded me of ‘how colourful our lives are’. We should always be happy, cheerful, smiley like the girl in the picture.

I wish I was there in the bright sunny country side holding those colourful balloons, ‘oh how those colorful balloons glowed in the sun’.


The Picture of a Happy Girl


Whenever I have a glance at this picture, my day brightens up. I like this picture a lot.

Be happy always.


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