Salabha Krishnan

15 Years

53 Years

Arya Central School


The Palace Of Illusions – At Pink City | Poem by Salabha,15, Trivandrum

What do you think the life of a queen would have been like?15 year old Salabha Krishnan, a Bookosmian from Trivandrum, takes a poetic view of history!

The palace of illusions - At Pink city

Kissing the golden sky

Blessing the alluring sun

The queen of the pink city

Lives in the palace of breeze


The exquisite queen

Simmers in her dreams

Histories poking

The walls with esteem


900 lunettes all wide open

With rays of light all with hope

As concealed as the women’s robes

Tremble the queen’s lobes


Century over, charismatic still

She lay with pride

Her vision for her right

As she stood against the histories of might..


The palace of illusions - At Pink city



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