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The little toy rabbit- Story

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Once there was a girl who loved toys. Her favourite toy was a rabbit.

After a few years, she wanted more toys. She did not like the rabbit anymore.


Sadly the rabbit waited for her. After a few days was her birthday and she was very excited about it. Just then she saw the toy rabbit. She remembered how much they used to play together, and the toy rabbit looked a little sad to the girl now.


When her Mumma Baapa (Dad) asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she asked for another toy rabbit. They were surprised and said,”You dont even touch the one you have now. Do you think you will play with the new toy rabbit?,” they asked.


“No, I wont,” she replied. “I am much older now to play with toy rabbits.But the old toy rabbit looks lonely and it will be happy to make friends with a new toy rabbit.”


Her parents were very proud of her.


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