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‘The Country I Call Home’ Poem By 11 year old Anagha Chaturvedi From Delhi

Read with Sara Poem by Anagha Chaturvedi

It was 15th August, the day of independence,

Standing in attention, was a mere pretense!

Stuffy and stodgy, I let out a sigh,

All my boredom vanished,

as I saw my ‘Tiranga’ rising high!

Oh! That proud feeling, when I looked around,

Children of all religions, with spirits so profound!


That’s when i knew, what India meant, 

The land of thousand rivers, with cultures so vibrant.

The chirping streets and the undying bond like none,

Despite all differences, we all stand as one!

Neither is this Paris, nor is it Rome,

This is my Bharat, I proudly call it home!


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