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The Call Of The Magical Himalayas | Bookosmia

The call of the magical Himalayas


The magic of the mountain breeze,
She took the train of her dreams,
The train which lead to the mountain tops;
From the grey pavements to the iron beams
To the breeze having heavenly moisture drops.

The call of the magical Himalayas


She felt as if her life lost its magic,
The magic suspended in the high barriers;
There the endless echo made her nostalgic,
On the mountains, the vestigial carriers.

The Himalayas on her had a deep impact,
In its effortless beauty she found pleasure,
From its ice to the rippling water,
The natural glamour all beyond her measure.

In the deep core of her heart she always knew,
That mountains held most of her attraction,
Wishing the fact that she could sew,
Or fathom her thoughts coming all in a fraction.


The call of the magical Himalayas


Day by day, night by night,
she gazed at the stars darting shafts of light,
Wishing those moments of tranquility could freeze,
While absorbing purple glow and morning breeze.

Realising it was her final day,
they delivered her dejection to the mocking jay;
She desired holidays to stay a bit longer,
To make her bond with the mountains even stronger..


The call of the magical Himalayas



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