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The Beauty of Nature | Bookosmia

The Beauty Of Nature

God-gifted nature’s beautification is praiseworthy

It makes us healthy.

Ranging from amazing birds to flower covered greeneries

Producing an excellent means of livelihood giving us millions of colourful sceneries.


The Beauty Of Nature


Uncountable different types of magnificent birds and creatures
Have attracted humanity by their distinct look and fabulous features.

These all are nature’s blessings
That help us enjoy these unbelievable greetings.

So we should protect them from slaughter or exploitation
Or else these innocent creatures would soon be extinct from the nations.


The Beauty Of Nature



Nature has provided a blue sky
It helps marvellous birds to fly.

Human population has been benefited by the sky
As they can fly kites and sky lanterns
In their joyful and traditional festivals that occur in different religions.

Nature’s underground source produces rich amounts of minerals and fossil fuels
That are needed to continue present life cycles.

Seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies
Help divers and swimmers do their fantastic skilled activities.

The Beauty Of Nature


By providing shelter and food to survive
Nature does everything for us.
We need to reciprocate
Or else the Mother Earth would soon lose all her beloved children.


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