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The Angry Ghost and the Good Witch- Story

good witch story for kids by kids read with Sara by Bookosmia

Once upon a time an angry ghost lived on the moon. He hated human beings. But then he decided to go on earth one day. When he reached on the earth, he saw a flying bus. He was surprised, how did the humans get magic, how on earth was the bus flying!


He wanted to experience the flying bus and so he tried to board the bus, and there he saw a witch as the bus driver, he became happy that it was not a human. He got an idea and asked the witch if she would help him destroy the humans?


Luckily for the ghost the witch agreed. The ghost explained to the witch that they should go to the moon and make magic potions. The witch was excited  and followed the ghost to the moon. There they worked hard and made many magic potions.


But the ghost did not know that the witch was infact a good witch who loved humans. Thus when she heard the ghost ask to destroy the humans, she said yes and wanted to know his plan. So she had come with him to the moon.


While making the potion, the ghost asked the witch to put chalk powder. The  witch put some wheat flour instead. When the ghost asked to add some lizard tails, she added plant leaves instead. Like that, the witch added all the good things when the ghost asked to add all nasty things. And a potion was made but it was a good potion which the witch had made and also added her secret good ingredients.


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