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The Adventurous Trip | Story | Bookosmia

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It was Sunday and Inaya was reading her school diary. She was very excited to  go on a field trip with all her friends. That too to a place called BIG FARM.

Just then the bell rang ‘TING TONG.’ She ran to see who it was, it was Amrutha  and Laila!!!

Her BFF’s. (best friends forever) They came to share the excitement, they couldn’t wait for tomorrow! After some time Laila and Amrutha had to leave as it was lunch time. They said their byes to each other.

The next day the three best friends met and it was their field trip. Everybody in 6A was very excited, they got chips, biscuits, chupa chups,their caps ( if it was sunny) and lots more. They became quiet only when Pooja ma’am said, “CLASS KEEP QUIET !!!!”

Then everybody formed a line to go down to their bus. They got in, put on some music, ate their snacks and started dancing. Everybody had fun. After an hour, they reached the BIG FARM.

After sometime, everybody was starving!! The Manager Uncle came and led  them to the snack room where they all started eating snacks but Inaya, Laila  and Amrutha felt something strange behind Rohith.

“Oh My God!” Laila exclaimed. “There is a monkey behind Rohith!!! All the other  kids were scared now. They got up and ran to the Bag Room where no animal could come. One kid, Tejaswi loved monkeys, he acts like one too!

So he went near Rohith and caught the monkey but unfortunately it was too  late.The monkey had bitten Tejaswi and he immediately had to go to the infirmary in BIG FARM.

After this incident, when the friends went to the Bag Room to join others, Amrutha exclaimed, “Harry watch out there’s a snake behind you!!’

Harry jumped to the nearest bed and tried to escape. “Uff,” Harry sighed. Just   then the Caretaker came and said, ‘Come out, all kids.’

After the teachers made sure that it was safe , they went exploring the farm. Vardhini ma’am came with us and the rest two went with two other groups.  Laila, Inaya and Amrutha were sadly separated. The trip was coming to an end. Everybody ate lunch and the Manager Uncle gave all the kids a plant to take  home. Everybody waved bye and the bus dropped them all home.


All were happy and also sad that their trip was over. Laila , Inaya and Amrutha got dropped at the same stop and went to their homes waving goodbye to each other.

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