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Teachers’ Day – I Love My Teachers | Bookosmia

Teachers’ Day - I love my teachers




Every year, on 5th September, we celebrate Teachers’ day in school. On this day we thank our teachers for their love, guidance and care.

In school, we perform various programs in front of our teachers. I remember singing songs last year along with my friends on the stage.



Teachers’ Day - I love my teachers


We had practiced before for many days. We had worn beautiful pink dresses with flowers in our hair. We also had cut a big red cake with my class teacher.I had made a card with ribbons and decorations. My teacher had appreciated the card a lot.


Teachers’ Day - I love my teachers


Then there was the pandemic and we could not go to school anymore. But thanks to our wonderful teachers we started having online classes.

Since we cannot go to school we decided to thank our teachers by making a video. Each one of us held a word describing our teachers and thanking them. I held the word PASSIONATE !

Teachers’ Day - I love my teachers


When I can go back to school, I will go and wish them for being our guiding lights and teaching us in spite of all the difficulties.



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