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To My Teacher-Thank You For Inspiring Me| By 11 year old Saanvi

11 year old Saanvi Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata pens a sweet message to her teachers! What would you say?

To my teacher - Thank you for inspiring me




Dear Teacher

Oh dear teacher, you open up young minds
A person like you is hard to find

You help the students reach their goal
And in the process you ignite their soul

Dear teacher you are a friend philosopher and guide
Who makes our life a lovely ride

English, history, science galore
Halfway done there is so much more

All those minds which were with abandon
You groom them to become independent

Thank you for the hours you spend
Love and best wishes to you I send

To my teacher each one a gem
From the bottom of my heart I salute them


To my teacher - Thank you for inspiring me



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