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Summer Holidays at Grandparents House | Poem by Jash, 9, Ahmedabad

What’s the best part of holidays? A visit to grandparents, writes 9-year-old Jash from Ahmedabad in this sweet poem. 

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Summer Holidays at Grandparents House 

I like summers a lot, 

As there is fun of all sorts.


There is no school, 

as summers are hot and not cool. 

We get holidays with no fixed rules like school,

one can do things with one’s own rules.

With time to kill, 

I go to meet my grandfather who is very chill.

He lives in Doon, 

Which is in the foothills.

I eat, I binge, I play,

And make models with clay.

I swim, go to the gym,

To keep myself fit and slim.


This holiday was special,

I went on a trek to a hill with my granny 

We took a caravan, 

Which has all the amenities needed by any.

He drove and we wore sunglasses to keep cool

Walked through unexplored paths, which were green and sometimes thorny.

I walked, I ran and my skin got a little tan

Plucked fruits from the tree as they were for free.

Ate Maggie and drank a Coke

which otherwise is banned for me.

Stayed in a tent under the sky

Saw the stars up so close

My granny kept telling me stories

so that I don’t get bored.

They are a wisdom pool

and if I learn from them, 

No one can make me a fool.


We made memories for ever

with a promise to meet next year,

Now that it’s over,

I have to get my homework in order.


Get a hair trim

and wash clothes

as laundry has filled

to a brim!!

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  1. Very well written jash..May you create more memories and always keep writing poems which are fun to read

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