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Kavya Singal

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Street Shopping – Having Fun With The Best Deals | Bookosmia

Street shopping - Having fun with the best deals
Street shopping - Having fun with the best deals
In Scotland, there was a boy named Rakesh. He lived with his parents.
One day, Rakesh and his mother went to the market. His mother said, “Rakesh, Can you name the things you see at the market?”
“Yes Mom,” said Rakesh excitedly.
“I can see some shops of vegetables and fruits, blueberries which are blue in colour, some apples which are green in colour while some apples which are red, tomatoes which are small and big, there are also candies long and thin, cherries small and cute and even cakes with almonds and toppings. There is also a metro station near the market.
Street shopping - Having fun with the best deals
There are jewellery shops, book shops, cap shops, parlours, toy shops, stationery shops, hospitals, restaurants and many grocery stores too. There are many people in the market, that’s why it is crowded. Someone is selling, someone’s buying…”
“Oh dear Rakesh,” interrupted his mother. “While you were naming the things at the market, I did all my shopping! Thank You. Now, Come on! Let’s go home. Your father is waiting for us.”
Street shopping - Having fun with the best deals

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  1. Such a lovely and lively story written by Kavya:) Perfect description of everything available in the market.

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