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Siyona Bakshi

12 Years

53 Years

Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram


Stepping into teenage | Essay| Bookosmia

Bookosmian Siyona Bakshi is turning 13 soon! Check her thoughts as she steps into her teenage years.

teenagers essay bookosmia

How can just a number create such a big deal?

Ask me, a 12-year-old who is stepping into teenage soon. Unlike my previous self, these days I feel there is a mode switch. I look for alone time and just feel like listening to music, trying new pieces on my piano or just writing my heart out. My encounter with the mirror has also increased as my mom keeps pointing out. I have started paying more attention to my appearance and like to try out new styles all the time. I seriously wonder, what seasonal change am I going through.

I have also accepted social media’s friend request and it is gradually becoming interesting.Thanks to the last two years of online schooling, we all have befriended technology.

As a child, the word teenage sounded very fascinating. I remember my 8-year-old self-wondering how amazing it would be having new friends, stylish branded clothes, maybe a new phone, to be referred to as “the older kid” and so much more. In my thoughts, I had imagined it to be the most awaited part of my life. Fast forwarding to now, here I am turning 13 in a few months thinking if all the excitement was really worth it.

Being 12 was fun, easy to divide and easy to say, as I read somewhere. 13, on the other hand isn’t so and some might say it is unlucky. Well!… 12 or 13 or multiples of them, I believe, it’s the same me…just wiser.

I feel it’s all about exploring and discovering new experiences which are waiting for me. Even more important is to enjoy the moment or the age I am currently in, as by the law of nature, this time would never come back and I will never be 12 again. Looking back just brings a smile and a treasure of memories I have gathered over these precious years.

After all, 13 is just another number, whether to think of it as exciting or mundane, lucky or unlucky depends entirely on our perspective.

Now, for me, accepting all my seasonal changes, it’s certainly a thumbs up!

It’s not the numeric value of the age that matters, but the value we add to make it worth.

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  1. Wow…This perspective of a stage of life ….intresting insight from the pen of a teenager.
    Your creative mind has got the words of wisdom too…that’s incredible.
    Keep it up girl…

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